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Reasons to Buy Oregon Tea & Coffee From Wind Horse Baristas
May 12, 2021 at 9:30 PM
Wind Horse provides Oregon tea and coffee.

The Pacific Northwest transformed coffee culture in the 90s, bringing coffee appreciation to the masses and updating the coffee shop to fit the fast-paced 21st-century lifestyle. Quality and convenience became the mainstays of gourmet coffee providers, relegating instant coffee and the “cup of joe” to waiting rooms and diners.

When most people think about Oregon tea and coffee, they think of imported beans and leaves artfully roasted or dried by experts. But perhaps just as important is the ambiance of an independent coffee shop while you enjoy a cup of locally made coffee or tea. Here are five reasons to buy your Oregon tea and coffee products from coffee shop baristas.

Get to know your local community at the coffee shop.

Making time to go out for a cup of coffee or a sandwich every week reconnects you to your community. Just hanging out in a coffee shop while you enjoy a freshly brewed coffee or Rishi tea by the cup reminds you of everything you love about living in Portland.

We’re located just blocks from the Willamette River and offer our food menu to go along with our coffee and tea by the cup. Grab a quick picnic and head to Bay Park to enjoy the fresh air and ambiance of downtown Milwaukie.

Learn more about the coffee or tea you love.

Consumers are becoming more conscientious about the products they consume, including your daily coffee or tea habit. When you buy from grocery stores or big retailers, you have to trust the packaging that it’s ethically traded and eco-consciously grown.

Our skilled baristas can answer questions about the product’s purveyors and the people growing your coffee beans and tea leaves. You’re able to be a more informed consumer, learning from an expert.

Discover something new every time you visit.

Wind Horse offers premium coffee, espresso, and eight varieties of Rishi Tea. Just tell our baristas about your favorites, and they’ll help you find something new to love––whether it’s strong black tea, extra-dry cappuccino, flavored latte, or just sampling the latest Oregon tea and coffee.

Pair your drink with an artisan pastry, or have a full meal with a panini and one of our old family recipe soups.

Turn a chore into time for yourself or reconnecting with friends.

It’s easy to fall into the get-it-done mindset with your weekly obligations and to-do lists. Buying Oregon tea and coffee can quickly get relegated to just another item on your grocery list. But if there’s one certainty in life, it’s that you’ll never have time for yourself unless you’re the one to make it.

Treating yourself to high-quality local coffee and Rishi tea products at a favorite coffee shop like Wind Horse in Milwaukie means giving yourself a break to relax, enjoy a cup of your favorite beverage, and maybe catch up with friends.

Support local businesses.

Buying online or at the grocery store can be more convenient, but stopping into a local coffee shop like Wind Horse for Oregon tea and coffee keeps vital capital in the community and helps support local businesses.

The expert baristas at Wind Horse Coffee & Tea can connect you with your next favorite Rishi Tea variety or craft an artisanal coffee drink with Caffe Umbria Italian coffee. It’s the perfect excuse to take a break from the hectic pace of life for a quick coffee break or even an afternoon.

For the best Oregon tea and coffee, visit the baristas at Wind Horse in Milwaukie, OR.

Wind Horse Coffee & Tea has provided Milwaukie with gourmet cafe Umbria coffee, hot panini for breakfast and lunch, and fresh-baked treats for over two decades. Whether you’re a resident of Oregon looking for tea and coffee or passing through Portland, we provide a welcoming ambiance, friendly customer service, and delicious snacks and drinks.

See our menu and plan your trip to Wind Horse Coffee & Tea today.